mypillowforte asked:

Do the part of the proceeds from the Society6 shop also go to charity?

YUP! Although with third party fulfillment sites like Society6, Red Bubble, etc the artist never gets the full sale price. So unlike our plushies and toys where literally 50% of your money gets donated, 50% of our artists’ portion is donated. It’s not a whole lot per item, but it is adding up quickly!

3000 Followers Giveaway!

Thanks everyone! We’ve come so far and helped so many kitties in need! This is all possible thanks to you lovely people sharing our story on social media sites! Let’s keep it going!

If you don’t know us, The Tiny Tabby makes cute plush kitties that represent cats that have a difficult time finding homes. Older cats, disabled, special needs, black, or shy kitties are less likely to be adopted. We aim to dispel the misconceptions about shelter cats, and we donate 50% of our sales to non-profit animal shelters.

Your choice of 3 - 10” High Plushies
3 Plush catnip toys
The power to gift your local shelter $250!

1. Follow us and reblog this to enter!2. Must be 18+ or have parent’s permission to give out your mailing address!
3. Donation must be given to a non-profit animal shelter or rescue group. We will not donate to private causes or fundraisers. Sorry!
4. We will ship to anywhere in the world!
5. Winner will be selected at random on August 15th!

Check out our shops here to get awesome and cute stuff and help kitties in need!

kingisdead asked:

Hi! I was looking through all your kitty plushies because I'm planning to buy one (when I'm not broke haha), and I saw that pepperoni was an exclusive who now isn't available :( I just wondered if you guys would ever consider making him again? :)

A LOT are bummed that they can’t get Pepperoni :(
I want to be fair to the people that got him as an exclusive, but selling more Pepperonis would mean more money for donations!

I think that a good compromise would be to make a second edition Pepperoni that looks different from the first one, and not include the free “Pepperoni’s special food” toy with him. That way, the people who snagged the exclusive will still have a super special plush, and everyone else can still have a silly pizza-loving cat.

That’s the plan, I hope everyone is ok with that! Pepperoni was the most popular seller, and he raised a TON of money for needy cats, so I think this is a good solution!